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One of the things that got me into LJ-land was reading the blog of a very interesting and talented artist I stumbled upon in 2005 while reading about post-Katrina life in New Orleans on the internet.

Since then, marrus has never failed to entertain me, or inspire me, or give me -by way of her writing- a kick in the lazy butt. Reading her blog and looking at her art is often like being entangled in a fascinating book about strange happenings and weird characters and stories I couldn't even have dreamt of. And, speaking of books, she is about to publish her first book about her life and her art!

But now marrus is in pain. After surviving three burglaries, September, 11th in New York, a fire that left her homeless on New Year's Eve and hurricane Katrina just after she moved to New Orleans, the recession and some New Orleanian traditionalists have apparently broken her income and her back now. She has a herniated disk and needs surgery and therapy, but all this comes with a bold price tag while she depends on the money she earns with her paintings.

So take a look at her art, and if you like what you see, go grab your chance and buy some art as she's currently holding a sale until the first week of April!

"Soaricide" © Jenifer Marrus

"Shenix" © Jenifer Marrus

I purchased these three amazing art prints from Ms. marrus  for my home, art that deals with the topic of consistent development and metamorphosis, something of a leading motto for my life.

"My Golgotha" hanging boldly framed in our sleeping room.

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On March 28th, 2009 09:49 pm (UTC), theirea commented:
that's so sad :(((
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On March 29th, 2009 06:10 pm (UTC), marrus commented:
Thanks for the shout-out, Ms. B - I really appreciate it.

I'm NOT scheduled for surgery just yet, though. We're going the conservative route first: drugs, physical therapy, and a spinal epidural. If I'm still have nerve problems after that, we'll talk about more drastic measures.


And, it looks like the book'll be at the printer the 3rd week of April, and then I'll see it 3-6 weeks from then, dependant on what we gang up with. Slowest delivery, ever;)
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