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It took me some time to set it up correctly, but finally, for the first time, I have been to the Cavern.
I feel like I have been initiated.
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I'm not going to excuse myself again for being absent. Instead, I'm just posting, how about that? ;)

While transferring stuff from my old beloved-but-tired Mac to my new beloved-and-oh-so-incredible one (whom, if you are on Facebook, I have mentioned already far too often...) I just found these pics from last year. There were taken on one of the few times that Y and I went for a walk together, with all the dogs.
He normally wouldn't let me take the dogs (on the right) except for Aris (on the left), as "I'm ruining them for hunting by walking with them every day".
Aris, as you clearly understand from this, is already badly ruined, bwaha. I like the pic because it looks like they're performing or dancing, all legs in the air.
And when dogs are tired and thirsty, there's always an olive tree around, right?



It's a lot greener right now and the well above hidden behind weeds; it rained a lot this year so everything, including edible greens and asparagus, can be found in abundance! We're preparing for Easter, or let's say Y is, while I'm desperately trying to catch up with work, mastic and everything (it's hard when you wanna play with your new Mac).

Right. Thank you for listening. Back into oblivion.

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So I've been nudged and spoken to, reprimanded and messaged for being absent for so long. Thank you for letting me know that I have not been forgotten and my deepest apologies. I know that the phrase "I've been too busy" is as old as work itself, but hey - I HAVE been busy, dammit. I'm sure y'all heard of our fantastic economy here in the Banana Republic of Greece - yes, it's all true and worse. Which means that I had three demanding jobs in the summer and still couldn't save a cent.
Secondly, there was a sudden feeling of having nothing to say, being boring, kind of a midyear's crisis and shattered dreams; that's resolved now.
So enough of this lament.


I'm busy and energetic and full of ideas and with lots of newly developed confidence due also to my latest project. Because despite the fiasco we recently witnessed in Copenhagen I have not given up hope and finished a project that I kept thinking of for the past two years: Making an usable calendar/diary for the villagers with ecological advice inside. Not the kind of bad humans, pointing finger advice but the kind where you say "hey, we're all in the same boat so let's row together" (or maybe "hey, we're all in the same sinking boat so let's start bailing out together", to be more accurate). When the local cultural association asked me to design their annual calendar, I proposed the idea and they gave me carte blanche (!). So besides lots of advice what one can do to change towards a more ecological life, I've also included my knowledge about the local wild (healing) herbs and spices and about the edible wild greens. I've taken lots of pictures of flowering plants and trees in the village, plus my orchid pics you've seen here before. The result is quite nice (if I may say so) and very practical, I'm pretty proud of it and it seems that the village likes it (received some great compliments!). Of course I hope that one or two of them will heed some of the tips and reduce their carbon footprint. That includes myself, too, of course, cos lazygirl is no saint...;)

exo1  exo2
Sample pages...Collapse )

So, to all of you still mooching about on LJ (I can be found on Facebook more often these days; some of you know my real name if you want to add me), I wish you all a very nice holiday to come, in whatever way you prefer to celebrate it, and a fine slide into a year that hopefully may bring us some positive change in the world.
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I have been friended by seven Russian-speaking people today only, and ten in the last week.
Dear Russians,
given that my stats show only two visitors from the Russian Federation or any other Russian-speaking country with the last visit having taken place on May 14th, I realize that you didn't even take the slightest glance at my Livejournal.
Please note that I will not add you back, nor will I ever even consider it. I am friending people that I find interesting for whatever reason, but people whose language I can't read (let alone understand) are hardly that to me. Other resaons to immediately reject you are fascinating userpics of dumb ass cars, hot motorcycles or blonde babes with boobs.
So, with all that being said, will you please consider to fuck off asap and spam your own mutual journals with these useless friending trials?
Sincerely, lutos
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Ophrys mammosa, Bosom Orchid

Ophrys sicula, Small Yellow Orchid

Ophrys scolopax

Anacamptis pyramidalis, Pyramidal Orchid

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Uff. Stuffed. Bloated. Trudging forward with a belly like a Bavarian on his 10th day of the Oktoberfest.

BUT it was a great, warm, inspiring, funny, long (literally from dawn till dusk!), full, tasty, wonderful day:


Lots of pictures: This way, please...Collapse )

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Aaah, we're ready! We've weeded and raked the garden, cleaned the veranda and oiled the wood, whitewashed the street and driveway, hoovered through the house, done my yearly window cleaning, hauled tons of ouzo and wine and food into the house, made tsatsiki, beets, my special pasta and eatingdrinkingmusicpleasureweatherpreparations preparations preparations for tomorrow - it's Greek easter time! PASXA! And as every year we have about 20 people coming over for a whole day of celebration.
Hubby's bouncing around for a week now in jubilant anticipation and nearly lost his good mood today when our friend Spyros called from Lesbos telling us that he couldn't find a ferry ticket to return with the two kazikis (goats) he went to pick up from his father's farm. Without kaziki = no real pasxa! But ha! This being Greece, a friend called a friend who knew a friend of a friend working in the harbour of Mittilini, and voila - the ticket was found.

Tomorrow I'll try and take pictures of happy people in the sun. Or, under our improvised garden marquee. Let's assume it won't rain; today feels like summer with 22 degrees Celsius and low wind forces.

Quick shot of the upper garden: In front the veranda, the green thingie in the back our improvised marquee. Blind cat Fenix approaching Mama.

Right. Off to shoot some more orchid pics. Flora and fauna-high over here, if you wish.

* * *

I went again today and found four more orchids. Here's my favorite:

Orchis papilionacea var. heroica, Butterfly Orchid.

More here.

If I'm boring you stiff, please forgive moi. I'm in a spring-related orchid-high and yes, those hormones can get to you.

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Back from a long walk with the dog. To explore other regions of the island and avoid too much poisoned bait in the neighbourhood, I'm making a habit lately of driving somewhere first with the dog seated next to me. Fun!
Today I saw many plants I haven't seen earlier on the island and while squinting through the weeds for asparagus I found a species of orchid I've been looking for ever since I first saw a picture of it (sheer luck, since it's only 16cm in height):

Ophrys regis-ferdinandii, King Ferdinand's ophrys.
I'm so excited to have found this beautiful little orchid. Its flowers are like insects humming in front of the blossom, aren't they?
More pictures here.

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One of the things that got me into LJ-land was reading the blog of a very interesting and talented artist I stumbled upon in 2005 while reading about post-Katrina life in New Orleans on the internet.

Since then, marrus has never failed to entertain me, or inspire me, or give me -by way of her writing- a kick in the lazy butt. Reading her blog and looking at her art is often like being entangled in a fascinating book about strange happenings and weird characters and stories I couldn't even have dreamt of. And, speaking of books, she is about to publish her first book about her life and her art!

But now marrus is in pain. After surviving three burglaries, September, 11th in New York, a fire that left her homeless on New Year's Eve and hurricane Katrina just after she moved to New Orleans, the recession and some New Orleanian traditionalists have apparently broken her income and her back now. She has a herniated disk and needs surgery and therapy, but all this comes with a bold price tag while she depends on the money she earns with her paintings.

So take a look at her art, and if you like what you see, go grab your chance and buy some art as she's currently holding a sale until the first week of April!

"Soaricide" © Jenifer Marrus

"Shenix" © Jenifer Marrus

I purchased these three amazing art prints from Ms. marrus  for my home, art that deals with the topic of consistent development and metamorphosis, something of a leading motto for my life.

"My Golgotha" hanging boldly framed in our sleeping room.

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