There's a description about me in the exam journal we published when leaving highschool:
"It is highly questionable if her metamorphosis has completed yet." Looking at my life so far, I can only admit that there's truth in it.

I was born in Germany and lived there for the first 22 years of my life, stayed in Holland for another 11, and now I'm on my way to fulfill the 5,5 years of geometric sequence living on a beautiful Greek island.

From here, though, it might be more difficult to leave:
I recently married. I bought an old stone house two years ago which still is in a state of renovation ( and should probably remain so for some time; friends say I always move when a house is finished). I have twelve cats and four dogs and a huge garden to look after, the latter used for nourishing us sufficiently. I prune and nurture 250 shrubs to produce mastic as do the locals here (and am very proud to do so).
So I guess I might just stay a bit longer.

Next to several jobs to support myself I worked in the fields of cabinet making, furniture design, exhibiton design, modelmaking, (interior) architecture, publications, public relations, graphic design, book editing and writing. Some of them I still do. When I think it's worth it, I'll show a bit of my work on this LJ. All work is © lutos 2007-2009.

I have made a page with all my pictures of Chios. Most of them are posted here first, but if you'd like to see them again or all together, go to my flickr page . It's far from complete yet, so don't expect too many pictures already.